12-14-09 Team Building7

Let's hear it for Gr8 Group (formally known as Team 3)!!

Photo_26.jpg Ben Clapp- Grade 8 Science

dkanniversary.jpgKristen Gauthier, Grade 8 Science

Photo_Angela.jpg Angela Bellantone, Grade 8 English

2.0 tools
Good for brainstorming and keeping notes during class with class

Call in a message and to this website and it will save it as an MP3 that you can use as for a podcast. Great for field trips of out of building observations

Free service that you call in any question you don't know and they will text you back with a response. Great for those questions you just don't have the answers for during class (or the questions that stump you at the bar)

Google Earth
With a little effort, students can post points of interest on a small group, class or pod map. Great for researching different areas that you can then leave info about as roll over text.

This is software that take a video screen shot up to 5 minutes. You can record your voice (perhaps directions) and then open different windows. Students can then view your video if you post it to Moodle say for homework. I have a coupe on my science page. (enrollment is fusion)

Free download that you can use to create MP3s with for podcasting.

Great for forum discussions, chats, links to websites...

Assumptions for our Team
  • We will share ideas openly.
  • Everyone will pull their own weight.
  • We will try something that is unfamiliar and make make us uncomfortable.
  • We will be leaders at CMS.
  • We will find ways to apply what we learn to our classes (eventually).
  • We will be able to set aside time to explore web tools and practices.
  • We will grow exponentially as educators.
  • The collaborative environment will help close the physical distance among colleagues in our building.
  • Our product will be useful.
  • We will use what we learn here professionally and personally.
  • We will share things that work and don't work.
  • We will try new tech things in class (take risks).
  • We will balance content-area information with tech skills.
  • We will be able to teach others