The Great 6 wrote the presentation in Feb/March and was presented to our staff by Donna Swanson on 3/19/10 (In-Service Day).

The CMS staff in attendance were very open and accepting of the new information. In a nutshell, the staff enjoyed the opportunity of having an introduction of Web 2.0 tools in a clear and gentle manner, essentially, in a down-to-earth/nuts-and-bolts approach. The teachers were encouraged to explore the tools independently and to try to think of ways in which to use the tools for school year '10-'11. The presentation's emphasis was to move away from teaching tech simply to teach tech, but instead to integrate new technologies as seamlessly as possible into a classroom setting. The In-Service Day gave a nice opportunity to announce the new district AUP and that said AUP will support the use of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom, which relieved several nervous teachers.

The shared Web 2.0 tools gave the opportunity for teachers to provide their students with an authentic global audience in order to share their work and to receive critical analysis in a "live" manner.

Teachers were able to "test" a Web 2.0 tool (EtherPad) with a professional in the room and thereby achieve some first hand experience away from their students, in other words, work the kinks out away from an audience.

12-14-09 Team Building5

Team 1 - to be named later -

Learning Goals:
  • To expand our expertise and share it in unique ways to be the best of our abilities.
  • To produce a cohesive organized project.
  • To become a blogging community.

  • Techonology will be available for us to use.
  • Everyone is buying into what we are trying to accomplish.
  • Parents will buy in.
  • We will meet periodically and with flexible scheduling.
  • Be supportive and productive.