- Lobby to change standardized testing
- Increase emphasis on skills
- Integrate technology into the core curriculum (across the SAU)
- E-portfolio

Structure of schools

- Conduct student (is survey of other districts, staff, community members, students..) of alternative school models
-charter school
-e-learning school
-passion/inquiry based
-project based
- Collect/analyze data
- Create a proposal ($ and feasibility study)
- Implement plan


- Create groups of collaborative tools within schools/district
- Provide opportunities for common interest groups across the SAU to meet
- Create the position of a tech integrator(s) at each school who also collaborates and shares ideas regularly with all school integrators in district
- Establish tech mentoring program within each school and provide time during the school day for meetings
- Peer collaboration/observation (w/ release time) *required


- Research- Collect data, create vision
- Professional development to provide justification
- Working hardware and long range equipment plan