Purpose of Online Community
  • Collaborating
  • co-educating
  • broadening our networks

Culture: Is collaboration valued?
  • Is collaboration the same as cooperation? same as participation?
  • Are we cooperating and participating right now, but collaborating later when we begin working on the project?
  • Collaboration is working together on a common goal/activity, which will probably start with the project
  • Is the discussion of philosophy/"wrapping our heads around all that's out there" the same as collaboration

What content would you like to see?
  • More practical activities, applications for classes, etc.
  • Some more focus
  • Something tangible that we can work on
  • A place "to do" instead of just "to talk"
  • What tools are we using in classes? How are those working? How do we incorporate them into our own content areas?

Connecting to others outside of our team
  • Not really
  • Ning feels big, creating a feeling of being overwhelmed; trying to create a focus by concentrating on our own team members and teachers in our district

Moderating the Environment
  • Created as a trickle-down
  • Is it inappropriate to ask colleagues to nudge each other? Does that place undue pressure on us and our time?
  • Ideally, we would all participate and moderate, but practically, we can't do that when we're teaching all day...time constraints get in the way (teaching all day, grading and planning at night).