• building my comfort level with being a part of a community like this
  • social networking skills
  • professional growth
  • shift thinking about education/delivery
  • integrating media literacies into classrooms - teachers NEED a comfort level with this!

  • collaboration definitely valued
  • (our team) use team page online more
  • commiting to a presence in NING - difficult to fit in time - there is so much on NING that is valuable, but so much to sort through!

  • personal projects others are completing in their classrooms - what does this look like?
  • more about learning process than tools
  • following schools that are early adopters of this shift in education (Napster School) - schools that have thrown out what was and adopted what needs to be
  • information about other schools that are moving forward successfully (private schools? - Phillips Exeter - what are they doing?)
  • how to integrate the standards and the technology in a quality learning environment (especially at an elementary level)
  • What are Universities doing to incorporate these 21st Century skills into their Teacher Preparation programs?

  • We should be responsible.