1. Purpose of online community
  • share ideas
  • learn from each other
  • philosophy
    lesson ideas - what can we do with these tools
  • compare thoughts/experiences
    how education is changing - teaching in general - sneak peek into what was coming down the road
  • more
  • wish for elementary presence within the NING
engagement with purpose

- darkside divas - absolutely! - other Swasey group - yes
Lurker - they value participation online - some people just like to talk, means to say what they want to say
engagement on the NING is difficult because we are not sure who they are or what grade level we teach
other educators are struggling wth the same changes we are experiencing

2. Content in online community
more elementary conversations/use of technology relevant to younger students
tools - more specifics about how educators are using in their content areas
what are the benefits to using an online tool instead in traditionally
not going to hook parents/teachers with philosophy
philisophical to practical
how do we get parents/community involved - besides a night presentation
whole SAU? - Who helps move this forward?
Small steps to going global use Moodle as a first step then out to web
Did we turn into having to be protected from being totally open online?