What do you see the purpose of our online community?
  • support one another
  • develop new ideas
  • unlearn
  • relearn

Do we value collaboration?
  • The times that excited us the most is when we get to sit down and share
  • we force ourselves to take the time to collaborate
  • learning from each others
  • building upon ideas
  • challenging one anothers
  • working on commom goals ( and finding out what are the goals)
  • thinking outside the box

How will we promote this collabroation online?
  • we will create a new prescence on line using googledocs? evernotes?
  • finding out what works best for our group
  • have more conversations online in addition to f2f
  • give ourselves more guidelines/direction to work towards a goal

What content would you like to see included?
  • links
  • blogs
  • other rescources
  • networks (who else can you reach out to for information/)
  • tool resource
  • research based data

Who should be responsible for moderating this environment?
  • all of us (shared)

Have we shared with others outside our group?
  • another team in the school planning a f2f to talk about our project
  • nings
  • why don't we share more with others?

What is the responsibility of other members of this online enviroment?
  • participate
  • question
  • share
  • be resource